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Ann Flanagan
NH Real Estate School

call / text:  (6​03) 225-5266

email:  [email protected]


Licensing Candidates From:
Massachusetts, Maine, Vermont, Georgia

The NH Real Estate Commission

has licensing reciprocity agreements

with these four states only.

It is your responsibility to verify

with the NH Real Estate Commission

whether you are eligible for Reciprocity.

Candidates who have an active real estate license in one of these states have to take only the State Portion of the New Hampshire exam, provided you took the entire exam (national and state) in a reciprocal state.

There are no pre-licensing education requirements for reciprocity candidates
(it's optional)

However, many candidates feel the need to obtain study materials and/or attend New Hampshire State specific classes in order to help them prepare for the New Hampshire State Portion of the examination.

Ann Flanagan NH Real Estate School can provide pertinent STUDY MATERIALS - including NH practice quiz questions and the opportunity to attend ZOOM classes (optional, included) pertaining to New Hampshire State specific information for a cost of $150

Please refer to the
Zoom Calendar "
if you want to attend Classes #9 & 10
(optional, included)

in any order convenient for you
(available via "ZOOM")

NO additional cost

The Study Materials including practice quiz questions will be provided upon payment regardless of whether you decide to attend the optional, included ZOOM classes. 


each purchase for one person only

copyright material, not to be shared

1. Register for examination through the NH Real Estate Commission. Important: check off "State" Test Portion only (Exam Registration Form with $155 for salesperson; $170 for broker; payable to Treasurer, State of NH).

2. You will need a Certificate of Good Standing from your original state (submit with Exam Registration Form).

3. You will receive notification by email from the testing provider PSI with your NH ID number.

4. After receiving notification from PSI, make examination appointment through or 1-800-345-6559. You MUST take the exam within 3 months after registration.

5. Examinations are administered by appointment morning, afternoon, or evening, 7 days per week (appointment availability varies by location) at various PSI Assessment Center locations throughout the country. NH centers are located in Concord, Manchester, Nashua, and Portsmouth; but you can take the exam at another out-of-state assessment location if this is more convenient for you. Computerized exam results are provided immediately upon completion of the examination.

6. AFTER passing the exam, then you MUST apply to the NH Real Estate Commission for your real estate license (License Application formwithin 6 months of passing the examination regardless of whether you decide to be active or inactive; salesperson license is $90, broker license is $110 payable to Treasurer, State of NH.

7. Send the Criminal Record Release Authorization Form to the NH State Police with $25 payable to State of NH Criminal Records.

8. If you exceed these time limits the NH Real Estate Commission may require you to re-pay for the examination and/or re-take the examination.

9. Renew license every 2 years at NH Real Estate Commission (Online Renewal $90 for salesperson or $110 for broker, payable to Treasurer, State of NH); inactive renewal requires an accredited 3-credit CORE Course; active renewal requires an accredited 3-credit CORE Course and 12-credits of accredited Elective Courses; many Continuing Education renewal courses are also available online.
(see "
CE Renewal").

For specific information about
the licensing process,
please refer to the

Examination Candidate Handbook